Description of New, Revised and Updated Seminars Offered by the Affordable Housing Management Association

NEW! Specialist in Housing Credit ManagementTM (SHCMTM)

The Specialist in Housing Credit ManagementTM (SHCMTM) certification has been developed by the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) especially for management professionals involved with properties developed and operated under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The SHCM is designed by management professionals for management professionals to ensure they have attained the knowledge, experience and competence required to excel in the housing credit property management industry. To maximize their careers, management professionals in the affordable housing industry must be able to demonstrate their experience and expertise in mastering the complex requirements of the LIHTC program. Earning your SHCM enables you to do just that.

Fair Housing

This class is designed to give on-site employees all the information they need to remain in compliance with fair housing laws such as the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and Americans With Disabilities Act. Topics include disabilities & accommodations; types of discrimination, and a basic overview of all the laws applying to multifamily housing.

Basic HUD Occupancy Training

This program is designed for personnel with a basic understanding of the 4350.3 Handbook. The expanded course provides the attendees with additional knowledge such as: Eligibility Criteria; Allowances; What is Income; Rent Computation; Income Computation; Certification; What is an Asset; and Tenant Screening.

Intermediate HUD Occupancy Training

This program is designed for personnel with a good basic understanding of the 4350.3 Handbook. The expanded course provides the attendees with additional knowledge to answer those questions requiring time and energy to research. Such topics include: Tenant Selection and Screening; Income Targeting; One Strike Rule; Citizenship Requirements; Verification Requirements; Security Deposits; Minimum Rent Rule; Inspections; Fair Housing Issues; and Termination Participation.

Tax Credit Occupancy Compliance: Common Mistakes and Corrections

Designed for site managers and managers of low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) properties (Section 42) and those interested in managing LIHTC, this introductory course provides the basic occupancy information needed to maintain compliance with LIHTC regulations. A workbook is provided to all registrants which includes appropriate IRS regulations and rulings, selected HUD handbooks, tax credit compliance forms, sample LIHTC applications and sample forms. Exercises and sample problems are also provided for self-testing. Class discussion is encouraged to provide real life problem solving and practical information.

South Dakota Connection

The South Dakota Connection has been revitalized to encourage sharing of knowledge and resources within the state of South Dakota. There are many complex issues that managers face each day. We can learn a great deal from one another's challenges and experiences in this industry. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage consistency, clarity and simply making your life easier.

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